It has been a long desire in the pressure sensitive adhesive film industry to have a system which could be applied as a label and then with application of appropriate source of energy, cure the adhesive to achieve a structural bond.   Such a system would have immense applications in areas where a controlled bond line is required which would be difficult with dispensed epoxy or cyanoacrylate liquid or paste-based adhesives.

Adhesives Research has developed such a dual stage UV curable platform which cures to a structural bond.  In addition, the system is able to handle opaque substrates since the exposure to UV happens in an “open” state which initiates the cure process which is completed upon completing the lamination followed by exposure to 90-110C depending on the sensitivity of the substrates.  This type for material is currently used for producing polishing pads and templates for use in the wafer polishing industry.  A variation of this technology is also used in splicing multiple large screens for display applications.

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