Infectious diseases have grim health consequences and many of these diseases can become pandemic if not treated at the early stages. Diagnosis is the first step to treatment and the diagnostic industry manufacturers including the component suppliers are under pressure to develop innovative technologies that can address the demand for precise, highly sensitive, and more cost effective products in a short development cycle.

Adhesives are one of the key components of a diagnostic device and play a vital role in the structural and functional capabilities of the device. Diagnostic device manufacturers predominantly choose pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) as their flexible performance characteristics and continuous roll format facilitates efficient manufacturing and processing operations.

Pressure sensitive adhesives provide an immediate bond without the need for water, solvents, or heat that could potentially damage a device’s sensitive enzymes and reagents. Today, PSAs are not only suitable for lateral-flow devices but also for many molecular diagnostic applications, including high-throughput screening, reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (PCR), cell culture, and compound storage. Although several off-the-shelf medical-grade PSA products are currently available, OEMs will benefit most by working with a manufacturer that specializes in adhesive formulation and offers custom product capabilities that overcome the challenges of these specialized applications.

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