The unprecedented healthcare scenarios after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic have reinstated the necessity of having highly sensitive and cost-effective medical technologies with short development cycles. Manufacturers are now faced with the incredible demand for the supply of PPE, diagnostic test equipment’s and ventilators in short span of time. Products of this nature are of extreme importance and “speed-to-market” is critical. This requires a well-coordinated design, manufacturing and supply chain systems. Also, teaming with qualified component suppliers, and device assemblers in the initial stage of product development are highly recommended.

Component suppliers such as adhesive manufacturers and converters are vital in the success of diagnostic devices and advanced PPE. Having them involved in the initial phases of product development helps to eliminate the problems associated with the performance, safety and ease of use. They help to get quicker solutions by providing insights on the delivery method of the adhesive to the finished part, improved manufacturability through intelligent sub-component design and define the critical dimensions to quality for accurate placement and scale-up. These are critical and If not defined in the early stages may lead to an extended product development phase. Having a single source who can provide adhesives and add in converting capabilities will further help the device manufactures in streamlining the processes and launch the product in quick succession.

Building on over 60 years of custom adhesive design capabilities and experience of working with global diagnostic device manufacturing leaders, Adhesives Research (AR) recently added precision converting capabilities housed within an ISO 8 clean room environment. Coupled with our innovative adhesive technologies, AR’s complete offering includes streamlined support of product development, from raw material selection and polymer design to finished parts, driving speed to market. AR’s processes support desired outcomes for total alignment through each stage of the development process. Working with AR, customers won’t encounter unexpected production challenges at the last step, when it’s too late for part redesign or parameter changes. AR eliminates the costs of delays to market with a one-team approach.

If you are in the early stages of the device development or in the midst of defining the functional characters of adhesive and device assembly, now is the best time to contact Adhesives Research. AR will partner with your team and provide best custom solutions. Please contact us at