Advanced Adhesive Technologies Deliver Enhanced Performance Capabilities to Transdermal Product Designs


By Jeffrey Purnell, PhD
Drug Development & Delivery, July/August 2001

Transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS) continue to deliver patients increased compliance by providing predictable and reliable therapeutic dosages without limiting a patient’s normal daily activities, driving drug manufacturers to continue to expanding the scope of this drug delivery system. As the scope widens, adhesive manufacturers are responding by developing a range of skin-friendly and API-compatible formulations for improved comfort and wear with less discomfort during removal. Versatile in their chemistry and form, PSAs are critical components in achieving intended outcomes such as sustained skin adhesion, component bonding, electrical component bonding and assembly, moisture seals and drug envelopments. This article discusses how new adhesive and polymer technologies will improve the patient experience for wear and comfort, and introduce emerging technologies that will deliver enhanced capabilities for the next generation of transdermal controlled release applications.

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