adhesive tapes for solar pv applications

Adhesive Tapes for Solar PV Applications

Solar-Panel-Diagram-2011Adhesives Research’s proven technologies deliver reliable bonds with enhanced performance characteristics to increase the functionality of thin film photovoltaics, polysilicon photovoltaic modules and concentrated solar thermal applications. Our pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) products offer a flexible, effective bonding method that improves process efficiencies and performance when compared to soldering, liquid epoxies and mechanical fasteners.

AR offers a wide range of proven standard products and expertise in polymer formulation, cutting-edge manufacturing and customization to quickly develop specialized adhesive components to meet our customers’ exact needs.

Our PSA products:

  • Bond instantly to low-surface energy surfaces
  • Conform to flexible constructions
  • Deliver uniform adhesive thickness
  • Demonstrate UV & environmental stability
  • Resist corrosion with electronically clean formulations
  • Demonstrate reliable & stable conductivity
  • Facilitate in-line process/roll-to-roll manufacturing

AR’s PSA technologies address the challenging bonding applications of photovoltaic modules, including:


Product Information
ARclad® 9032 Transfer film – 1 mil electrically conductive acrylic adhesive
ARcare® 92638 Single-coated dielectric tape- low outgassing, acid-free, ionically clean coverlay tape – 1 mil PET carrier coated with 1 mil low outgassing, acid-free, ionically clean adhesive
ARcare® 92734 1 mil optically clear moisture barrier pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) transfer film. It is a hydrophobic adhesive with excellent thermoxidative and UV stability. It is supplied as an unsupported transfer film between release liners.