PSAs for Junction Box Mounting Applications

Adhesives Research (AR) offers pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology for solar cell junction box mounting applications.

Our junction box tapes combine advancements in adhesive and foam technology with years of industry knowledge to provide manufacturers with exceptional adhesive performance under the most severe conditions. AR’s die-cuttable foam tape technology is laminated to the junction box, creating a bond directly to the glass, producing a long-term, reliable bond, which outperforms other bonding products in accelerated aging and damp heat tests.

Additional features and benefits of our junction box tapes include:
•    Excellent high temperature performance (up to 120°C)
•    Heat- and moisture-resistance
•    Closed cell 1/25” (40 mil or 1 mm) foam, double-faced construction
•    2 mil (50 μ) clear polyester release liner
•    Superior adhesion on glass, metal, TPT and select fluorocarbon films
•    Target UL746C on TPT film and polycarbonate