Display Bonding & Protection

Adhesives Research offers PSA products for:

OLED Encapsulation

Our Dual-Stage PSA/Ultra Violet (PSA/UV) system is formulated to be cured by UV light to form structural bonds.  Supplied in an easy peel-and-stick coated transfer adhesive, the first stage demonstrates the instant bonding properties of a pliable PSA. The second stage involves momentary exposure to UV light to quickly form a strong, yet flexible bond to function as a superior barrier to moisture and oxygen – properties important for OLED encapsulation.

Display Assembly

Our diverse portfolio of ARclear® optically clear adhesives includes permanent, removable and silicone-based products for the bonding and assembly of:

  • Flat panel displays
  • Plasma displays
  • Large & small liquid crystal displays (LCDs)
  • Touch screens

Display Surface Protection

ARclear® display surface protection films feature “self-wetting” adhesive optical bonding technology. The adhesive virtually self-applies by spontaneously “wetting out” onto display surfaces.

Our adhesive films are designed for mobile phones and hand held devices to provide temporary protection to touch screen surfaces.  The films are repositionable and are cleanly removable, even after an extended period of time, allowing users to replace the film when damaged while protecting the sensitive display underneath.

Adhesives Research offers PSA products for: