Electrically Conductive Technologies

Adhesives Research develops and manufactures Electrically Conductive Adhesive Technologies for a variety of markets and applications to bring you PSAs with the strongest, most reliable bonds in the industry for consistent electrical interconnections.

Our PSAs instantly provide a thin, uniform bond line to increase the functionality of your product by delivering the essential bonding and conductive properties needed for your project.  An easy-to-use, safe bonding option, our PSA tapes may be customized by modifying adhesive chemistry, forms and constructions, adhesive thickness and release liner selection.

Benefits of Adhesives Research’s Electrically Conductive Adhesive Technologies:

  • Excellent and Tailorable X, Y, Z Conductivity
  • Provide Reliable Electrical Contact without Pressure
  • Ambient Temperature Bonding
  • Stable Temperature Performance
  • Thin, Uniform Bond Line
  • Permanent Bonds
  • Easy, Clean Application
  • Bonds Instantly
  • Easily Die-Cuttable
  • Customizable – Modify Adhesive Chemistry/Constructions, Thickness and Release Liner

Our pressure-sensitive electrically conductive adhesives increase functionality of your product by delivery the essential bonding and conductive properties you need:

  • Enable electrically Conductivity Between or Across Adhesive Bonds
  • Form Precise Electrical Interconnections
  • Offer Tailorable Volume and Surface Resistance
  • Demonstrate Consistent Electrical Conductivity in Variable Temperature and Humidity Conditions.

Adhesives Research’s Electrically Conductive PSAs are used in the electronics field for: