General Electronics Assembly

ARclad® high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) double-coated foams, double-coated films, transfer adhesives and thermally conductive adhesives offer significant advantages over mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives or epoxies for general electronics assembly.

Easy to apply and clean to process, these PSAs require no cure time and do not contain hazardous materials or solvents.  In addition, they offer consistent application thicknesses, allow for thermal expansion and contraction and are ideal for bonding irregular or dissimilar surfaces.

General assembly applications in mobile devices may include bonding of:

  • Lenses
  • Microphones
  • Trim
Product Information
ARclad® 8901 8 mil, double-coated film with black carrier
ARclad® 8102 2 mil, transfer adhesive
ARclad® 7418 2.5 mil, transfer adhesive