Grounding & Shielding

Adhesives Research offers metal foil and conductive fabric PSA products for shielding individual components within mobile devices from electrical interference that may create static or affect visibility functions.

Also available are tapes for grounding applications requiring a conductive adhesive that demonstrates fine pitch (300 microns x 300 microns) to maintain contact with slightly oxidized surfaces.

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Product Information
ARcare® 90038 2.4 mil, tin-plated copper foil EMI shielding tape with conductive adhesive
ARclad® 9032 1 mil, electrically conductive transfer adhesive
ARclad® 8001-75 4.3 mil, electrically conductive bonding tape, one polycoated kraft release liner and one 2 mil, white polyester liner
ARclad® 8001-77 4.3 mil, electrically conductive bonding tape, two polycoated kraft release liners