hard disk drives

Hard Disk Drives

Adhesives Research offers these products to minimize hard disk drive (HDD) system crashes due to contamination, media fogging and corrosion:

  • ARclean® electronically clean PSAs
  • Non-silicone release liner technology
  • Low extractable silicone release liners

ARclean® PSAs are acrylic acid-free, organotin-free with ultra-low total VOCs and low extractable ions while demonstrating excellent resistance to environmental aging.

The ARclean® product line is comprised of a variety of permanent and strippable tape constructions including:

  • Unsupported transfer tapes
  • Double-coated bonding tapes
  • Single-coated sealing tapes
  • Clean room compatible, non-silicone & low-extractable silicone polyester release liners

Hard Disk Drives Applications:

ARclean® electronically clean PSA tapes may be utilized in HDD bonding and assemblies including: