Optical Bonding

Adhesives Research offers PSA products uniquely suited for the following optical bonding applications:

OLED Encapsulation

Our dual-stage PSA/ultra violet (PSA/UV) system is formulated to be cured by UV light to form structural bonds.  Supplied in an easy peel-and-stick coated transfer adhesive, the first stage demonstrates the instant bonding properties of a pliable PSA. The second stage involves momentary exposure to UV light to quickly form a strong, yet flexible bond to function as a superior barrier to moisture and oxygen – properties important for OLED encapsulation.

Non-Corrosive Indium Tin Oxide-Compatible Bonding

Adhesives Research offers electronically clean, acrylic acid-free, PSAs to reduce fogging and minimize corrosion for preserving linearity of the delicate conductive indium tin oxide (ITO) surfaces and circuitry in displays and touch screen devices. Other applications include perimeter seals for preventing dust and dirt from entering the display.

ARclean® double-coated tapes:

  • Have low extractable anions
  • Provide low-outgassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Offer excellent resistance to environmental aging
  • Withstand temperature & humidity extremes

ARclean® tapes offer deliver the consistent caliper necessary for spacer applications and feature polyester film carrier as an assured dielectric barrier between bonded conductive surfaces.


Product Information
ARclean® 90176 5 mil, electronically clean double-coated film
ARclean® 90178 3.5 mil, electronically clean double-coated film
ARclean® 8769 3 mil, electronically clean double-coated film