Optically Clear

Our diverse portfolio of ARclear® optically clear adhesives includes permanent, removable, self-wetting and silicone technologies for the bonding and assembly of:

  • Flat panel displays
  • Flat screen CRTs
  • Large and small liquid crystal displays (LCDs)
  • Touch screens

ARclear® virtually defect-free transfer adhesives are non-birefringent, have low haze, high clarity and facilitate high light transmission. In addition, our single-coated optical-grade films may be used as base films for optical components, sputter coating or as screen surface protection to resist scratching and harsh chemicals.

Product Information
ARcare® 92524 1 mil, optically clear unsupported transfer adhesive - acrylic PSA designed specifically for polycarbonate
ARclear® 8932EE 1.6 mil, optically clear unsupported silicone transfer adhesive