AR offers a broad range of products to improve the performance of HDD system and avoid contamination, media fogging and corrosion.

Our unique range of ARclean® products are acrylic acid-free, organotin-free with ultra-low total VOCs and low extractable ions while demonstrating excellent resistance to environmental aging.

Key applications include:

  • HDD assembly, permanent & cleanly removable labels, filters & seals: Particularly in the fabrication of seals and bonding filters where clean removability from stainless steel, cast aluminum or e-coated aluminum is required for rework after the burn-in process
  • Components assembly: Bonding voice coil motor magnets or other metal components in sensitive hard disk drives

Technologies for HDD includes:

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Related Products

Product nameAdhesive constructionThickness without linersCarrierApplicationsPDF
ARclean® 90420S/F, acrylic3.5 mil (87µm)2 mil ( (50µm) clear polyesterFilters for hard disk drives (HDDs)
ARclean® 8769D/F, acrylic3 mil (75µm)1 mil (25µm) white polyesterBonds electronic surfaces sensitive to fogging, oxidation and corrosion
ARclad® 8102T/F, acrylic2 mil (50µm)N/AGasket seals, label and sealing high performance applications
ARclean® 8915W-6970D/F, acrylic6 mil (152µm)3 mil (76µm) white polyesterBonding of filters and seals in HDD housings

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