Formulation Flexibility Broadens the Scope for Oral Thin Film Technology


By Martha Sloboda and Scott Barnhardt
OnDrug Delivery Magazine, May 2011

Rapidly dissolving oral thin films (OTFs) are widely accepted by patients and caregivers for their ease-of-delivery, portability and accurate dosing. The platform is evolving as more pharmaceutical researchers evaluate ways to apply the benefits of this technology across more markets and therapeutic classes for localized and systemic drug delivery.  Changing healthcare needs are extending the use of OTFs beyond traditional immediate release oral dosage forms to include topical films, probiotic strips, and controlled release products made possible through this delivery format’s flexibility, proven robustness and stability. This article discusses how the formulation flexibility of the OTF format provides drug manufacturers with opportunities to evaluate a broad range of excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) forms when embarking on new product development initiatives.

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