Encapsulation in Flexible Film Modules

Adhesives Research (AR) offers barrier adhesive technology that forms strong, flexible bonds while providing moisture and oxygen barrier properties required for dependable encapsulation. An alternative to liquid encapsulating materials, AR’s PSA offers less mess, ease-of-handling and more rapid throughput. A benign, low-outgassing, non-corrosive and electrically clean adhesive, this PSA becomes active at an industry low of 100ºC (industry standard is 140ºC to 150ºC).

Additional benefits include:

  • Solvent-free thin and thick adhesive film constructions
  • Environmentally stable
  • High clarity with low color
  • UV-resistant
  • Designed for rigid and flexible cells
Product Information
ARcare® 92734 1 mil optically clear moisture barrier pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) transfer film. It is a hydrophobic adhesive with excellent thermoxidative and UV stability. It is supplied as an unsupported transfer film between release liners.