Glazing Tapes

ARclad Glazing TapesARclad® foam glazing tapes from Adhesives Research are double-coated with high tack, high-strength adhesives for optimum performance. These rubber- and acrylic- based adhesives are ideally suited for sealing glass in wood, vinyl and aluminum framing systems. Our reliable quality and more than 30 years of field history enable manufacturers to use ARclad® glazing tapes with confidence.

Benefits of ARclad® glazing tapes:

  • Offer superior cold flex, low odor and cyclic shock resistance
  • Have excellent sealing characteristics against air and water infiltration
  • Create an immediate bond – no need for curing time
  • Meet AAMA section 810.1 specifications for expanded cellular foam glazing tapes, Type 1 sealing applications

The ARclad® glazing tape product line is comprised of several product tiers designed to meet the varying needs of window manufacturers: