ARclad® 4000 Series (Acrylic-Based Double-Coated Foam Adhesives)

The  ARclad® 4000 series acrylic glazing tapes from Adhesives Research combine the quick-stick characteristics typically expected from a rubber-based adhesive with the desired capabilities of an acrylic adhesive, including UV and moisture resistance, and a broad operating temperature range. The 4000 Series is an optimum combination of performance and value.

The ARclad® 4000 series features double-sided foam glazing tapes with high-tack, high-strength adhesives. These PSAs are ideally suited for sealing glass in wood, vinyl and aluminum framing systems.

Benefits of ARclad® 4000 series foam glazing tapes:

  • Offer superior cold flex, low odor & cyclic shock resistance
  • Demonstrate exceptional sealing performance against air & water infiltration
  • Bond instantly without curing
  • Meet AAMA section 810.1 specifications for expanded cellular foam glazing tapes, Type 1 sealing applications
  • ARclad® acrylic-based double-coated foam glazing tapes feature high-tack, high-strength adhesives.

Reference ARclad® 4416-72 & ARclad® 4516-72:
ARclad® 4416-72 –  1/16” black, 4 mil blue polyester liner
ARclad® 4516-72 –  1/16” white, 4 mil blue polyester liner
ARclad® 4716-72 –  1/16” gray, 4 mil blue polyester liner
ARclad® 4532-72 –  1/32” white, 4 mil blue polyester liner

Product Information
ARclad® 4000 Series