Modified Acrylic Splicing Tapes Offer Superior Adhesion in High-Temperature Applications


GLEN ROCK, Pa. – Adhesives Research, Inc., a global developer and manufacturer of non-repulpable and repulpable splicing tape technology, offers two tapes, ARclad® 9550 and ARclad® 9560, for splicing applications where high temperature resistance and aggressive adhesion are required.

These non-repulpable splicing tape features AS-159, a modified acrylic adhesive that is highly visible and provides increased thermal stability, tack, and shear strength properties over traditional acrylic splicing tapes. The bright yellow-orange color of this pressure-sensitive adhesive allows operators to easily identify splices during application.

ARclad® 9550 is a 5.0-mil, single-faced tape designed for single- and double-butt splicing and is ideally suited for automatic butt splicing applications, as well as automated and safety splices. ARclad® 9560 is a5.5-mil, double-faced tape suitable for manual overlap and automated splicing applications. Both tapes adhere to a variety of different substrates including polycoated paper and paperboard, fabrics, nonwovens, laminates, fiberglass mats and composite materials and are ideal for specialty paper grades. These two self-wound, flexible splicing tapes conform to curved surfaces, adhere to high-slip materials and are resistant to humidity and moist conditions.

The company’s line of ARclad® splicing tapes ranges from non-repulpable, high-performance adhesives to advanced repulpable splicing tapes used in converting, laminating, extrusion and metallizing applications, as well as in the pulp and paper industry. ARclad® splicing tapes do not require costly equipment for application and offer quick tack, consistent caliper and environmental stability.

Adhesives Research also offers custom adhesive solutions and can engineer a large variety of customized splicing tape configurations to meet the needs of its customers. The company provides a team-based approach to solving customers’ splicing needs featuring cross-functional teams that typically consist of experienced R&D scientists, process engineers, and quality, manufacturing and technical sales personnel.

In addition to applications for repulpable and non-repulpable splicing tapes, Adhesives Research’s pressure-sensitive adhesives are used around the world in the electronics, automotive, display and appliance industries, as well as in healthcare markets such as medical devices and diagnostics, wound care and pharmaceuticals/transdermals.

Founded in 1961, Adhesives Research offers problem-solving capabilities and custom solutions in adhesive polymerization, mixing and adhesive coating, and release liner design supported by extensive product development and analytical support. The company’s facilities in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, and Limerick, Ireland, are certified to the updated ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Headquartered in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, Adhesives Research also operates manufacturing facilities in Ireland and Colombia, has sales and marketing offices in Great Britain, Germany and Singapore, a representative office in China, and sales representation in Taiwan, Thailand and Japan.