Nonsilicone Adhesives for Low-Trauma Skin Bonding


By Gozde Karabiyik
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry
February 2013

Developing skin adhesives for wound care applications poses a number of challenges for manufacturers. A key challenge is to ensure secure bonding of a dressing to skin of varying health to promote healing and provide pain-free removal without skin damage. Adhesives Research’s (AR) nonsilicone, low-trauma pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology is customizable and promotes gentle removal. It can enable better moisture management, patient comfort, and extended wear times. This low-trauma technology is designed for advanced wound care dressings where preserving fragile skin is critical, making it well suited for daily dressing changes when a more aggressive adhesive could cause skin damage.

This article is based on a study conducted to characterize wear properties for a range of skin adhesives, including AR’s low-trauma technology. It reviews several methods used to characterize the wear properties of skin adhesives developed for wound-care and long-term wear applications.