Service Plus

What is Service Plus? 

Service Plus is an innovative customer service program that offers personalized, in-depth service to our customers. The program adds a new level to our partnership through one-on-one service between our direct sales force and your operators and supervisors.

We understand that your business calls for timely responses from suppliers – AR is prepared to deliver on that response.

Features of Service Plus Program:
Electronic Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) for ERP Systems
With electronic VMI, AR will deliver quantities to the customer using data obtained via either an ERP link or EDI. This reduces both stock-outs and inventory in the supply chain by allowing a vendor to supply product up to a specified par level. 

Technical Assistance Within 24 Hours
When a question or concern arises, our technical representatives are here to help. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

Splicing Tape Audits
Our technical representatives will conduct a detailed analysis of your splicing requirements. Based upon this information, we will recommend the ARclad® tapes to optimize splicing performance and eliminate costly machine downtime.

24-Hour Trial Evaluations and Analysis Reports
During ARclad® splicing tape trials, our technical representatives are available around-the-clock to work with each shift, if necessary.

Splicing Seminars and Technical Training
Our technical representatives conduct seminars and technical training sessions at your site to address new splicing technologies and techniques.

R&D Testing Services
Our research and development group offers a wide array of specialized testing services to help you determine the answers to difficult splicing applications.

Free Trial Samples
We provide your facility with free splicing tape samples for initial trialing.

E-mail Order Acknowledgements
Once you place an order, we will acknowledge it within 24 hours, guaranteed.

Bar Coding & Expiration Date on Carton Labels
Helps businesses streamline operations by automating inbound and outbound data collection of product specifications. Bar coding offers ease of scanning cartons into inventory during the receiving process and scanning cartons out of inventory to the end customer.