Splicing Solutions

No matter what your splicing application problem is: from paper to foils, from films to fabric, from polystyrene to non-wovens, Adhesives Research will provide a splicing solution for you quickly.

Our objective is to problem solve your splicing problems in the most effective, cost-efficient manner possible.

To tap our expert assistance for your most immediate problem contact us from this website or call us. Your inquiry will get you direct accAdhesives Research will provide a splicing solution for you quicklyess to our R&D department, which will offer an immediate solution to your specific situation.

Also, we will conduct a technical analysis of any splicing application(s) you are currently performing to help correct any problems you may be experiencing, or trouble-shoot possible problems down the road. Simply send us a sample of your substrate and the tape you are currently using. We will provide you with an analysis along with samples of splicing tapes we feel are better suited for your applications and manufacturing processes.

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Overlap Splice
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