Our electronically clean adhesive technologies ARclean® are low outgassing, organotin-free, low in ionic content, possess extremely low levels of silicone, and offer excellent resistance to environmental aging.

The ARclean® adhesive line provides reliable performance for seals, labels, filters, dampers and other hard disk drive components.


  • Excellent bonding to low surface energy substrates (PTFE, PP, others)
  • Non-corrosive and chemically inert
  • Low outgassing (< 300 ng/cm2)
  • Ultra low silicones (< 20 ng/cm2)
  • Low in extractable ions (cations and anions)
  • Available for vibration damping


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Product NameAdhesive constructionThickness without linersCarrierApplicationsPDF
ARclean® 8769D/F, acrylic3 mil (75µm)1 mil (25µm) white polyesterBonds electronic surfaces sensitive to fogging, oxidation and corrosion
ARclean® 90420S/F, acrylic3.5 mil (87µm)2 mil  (50µm) clear polyesterFilters for hard disk drives (HDDs)
ARclean® 8915W-6970D/F, acrylic6 mil (152µm)3 mil (76µm) white polyesterBonding of filters and seals in in HDD housings
ARclean® 90176D/F, acrylic5 mil (128µm)2 mil (50µm) polyesterTouch screens, similar electronic devices

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