Dissolvable Films for Medical Applications

Adhesives Research’s dissolvable film technologies are polymer films that may contain reagents or other active materials designed to erode or dissolve at predetermined rates when in contact with a biological fluid or other liquid. This is an efficient medium for stabilizing sensitive reagents, delivering therapeutic agents or dispersing pigments. The dissolvable films’ dissolution rates are completely customizable to enable each pre-measured, preservative-free film strip to deliver a specified release over time.

Benefits of this technology:

  • Tailorable characteristics such as thickness, dissolution rate, texture and tensile strength
  • Provides concentrated doses of reagent or therapy within a homogenous film coating
  • Dry film format improves reagent/active ingredient stability
  • Allows for more efficient use of reagents/active ingredient when compared to other distribution techniques such as spraying
  • Provides separation of reagents/active ingredient components
  • Enables continuous web processing

Dissolvable film timed video