Building upon 50 years experience in custom polymer synthesis, adhesive formulation, materials science, and flexible manufacturing, Adhesives Research (AR) has emerged as a trusted global leader in the pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) and coating industries.

For over two decades our research has been dedicated to the development of innovative adhesive, polymer, and film solutions for the healthcare industry. Our enabling technologies are the result of focused development programs to address the unmet needs of a specific customer or market.

Today we specialize in the formulation and manufacture of tailored technologies designed to enhance the performance of our customers’ products, including:

  • Skin-friendly adhesive tapes for medical device and wound care applications
  • Precision coatings and films for diagnostic devices
  • Transdermal adhesive components for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Specialty drug delivery platform technologies

AR serves the healthcare industry through two specialized divisions supported by R&D and manufacturing facilities in both North America and Europe:

  • The Adhesives Research Division is driven by ISO 13485 and is focused on the development and manufacture of component adhesives, tapes, laminates and diagnostic and drug delivery applications.
  • The ARx LLC Division offers a stand-alone cGMP facility dedicated to the formulation and manufacture of customer-driven, API-loaded transdermal and oral thin film drug delivery systems.

AR Systems: