LSE Bonding Tapes

Superior performance on low surface energy (LSE) substrates.

ARclad® 73000 Series products are specifically developed to provide excellent bonding on Low Surface Energy (LSE) substrates in a broad range of Industrial Applications.

Our ARclad® product line includes a wide variety of standardized and high-performance Industrial Tapes for LSE bonding applications that require superior performance.


  • Transfer and Double-Coated Tapes.
  • Broad range of applications.
  • Excellent for LSE substrates.
  • Easy to convert and die-cut.
  • Universal product constructions.
  • Suitable for different markets and application zones.
  • Superior adhesion to LSE substrates.

Applications for ARclad® 73000 Series include:

  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Building & Construction and General Industrial.
  • Specifically developed to have optimal performance on a number of critical LSE substrates.

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