Adhesive Research provides solutions for your technical challenges in the electronics, ev, display, and solar sectors. Our products are engineered to deliver optimal long-term performance and maximum adhesive strength in the most demanding applications.


Adhesives Research has a broad range of commercially available products, as well as specially developed adhesive and coating platform technologies for the bonding, assembly and functional performance of parts and components in electrical segments.

The advantages of the PSA’s roll format as an alternative material choice to solder, liquid epoxies and mechanical fasteners include:

  • Ease-of-handling and immediate application.
  • Precise thickness control.
  • A thin, narrow, and consistent bond line that conforms to irregular surfaces.
  • The capability to be precisely die-cut into custom shapes and narrow widths for improving manufacturing efficiency with clean processing.

AR’s high-performance PSA technologies can be customized to address the global market need for faster prototyping, quick changeovers, and the increased use of automation for applications in:

  • Display & Mobile Devices

  • EV Battery
  • Hard Disk drives
  • Solar and smart Glass

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