Process Aids

Since the early ‘80’s, AR has developed and manufactured release liners for electronic, medical, pharmaceutical, and other applications where cleanliness and release consistency are crucial to our customers’ process or product.

Process Aids

Release liners function as a critical component in processing material.

They provide support for coated adhesives, cast foams, ceramics, gels, pre-pregs, and laminated films. Release liners are important to the converting process for their consistent ease of removal, cleanliness, and cuttability.

Benefits of our release liner technology:

  • Solvent free silicone, fluorosilicone and low-extractable silicone formulations available.
  • Single and double sided films, to 58”.
  • Compatible with acrylics, rubber, hot melts, urethanes, hydrocolloids and silicone adhesives.
  • Practically zero silicone transfer to the adhesive and backside of the film.
  • Coated in a class 10,000 clean room to ensure cleanliness..
  • Consistent performance with narrow release force ranges within each roll and from lot-to-lot

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