The on-site Innovation staff and facilities in Glen Rock, PA, and Limerick, Ireland, are dedicated to adhesive and tape product development. With a full staff of scientists and engineers, our Innovation team formulates new technologies and constructions to transform our customers’ product concepts into commercial realities.

We utilize a stage-gate process to manage the successful development of our adhesive technologies for commercial launch. This is accomplished through close customer collaboration and cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams from product concept to commercialization stages.

We offer equivalent formulation and manufacturing capabilities at each facility including polymer synthesis, mixing and compounding, casting and drying, slitting and packaging, as well as custom release liner development. These capabilities ensure the achievement of key customer specifications to facilitate rapid product commercialization.

Our on-site laboratories and product development capabilities include:

Analytical Laboratory – provides our scientists with the analytical capabilities to quantify key attributes for product characterization during the development and production of commercial materials. This lab also supports quality control efforts through the development and validation of test methods.

  • Separation technologies (GC-MS, GC-FID, GPC)
  • Spectroscopy
  • Thermal characterization
  • Polymer rheology

Liner Release Laboratory – often a critical component of final product performance, release liners are developed and tested for coat weights, release performance and extractable materials.

Mixing & Coating Laboratory – existing adhesive technologies are mixed, coated onto substrates and then dried in conditions to simulate commercial manufacturing to achieve the desired performance properties. Product prototypes then undergo physical and analytical testing prior to being sent to our customer for evaluation.

Class 10,000 Clean-Room Laboratory – equipped with high-filtration systems and controls for approved garment use, this lab provides a particulate-free environment for coating sensitive materials.

Physical Testing Laboratory – Here the adhesive and tape constructions developed in the lab or from our manufacturing facility are tested for various performance properties. Common tests include peel adhesion, shear performance, adhesive tack, and liner release along with any additional tests which are appropriate for meeting customers’ design requirements.

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