Building on over 60 years of custom adhesive design capabilities and experience of working with global diagnostic device manufacturing leaders, Adhesives Research (AR) has precision converting capabilities housed within a certified ISO 8 clean room environment.

Our aim is to provide adhesive solutions from polymer to part and drive “Speed to market” by working closely with customers.

We can integrate 3rd party and customer supplied functional films along with AR adhesives to provide the most tailored solution.

Our key Converting capabilities Include:

  • Multi-level die and laser cutting, scoring and perforating.
  • Precision slitting.
  • Product Design for scaled automation.
  • Rotary Die cutting.
  • Closed loop vision.
  • Multilayer laminations.
  • Island Placement.
  • Printing (Flexo and Ink jet).
  • 400W Galvo in-line laser.

Converting Capabilities

ISO 8 Clean Room

AR Converting operates in an ISO 8 clean room that is tested per IEST-RP-CC006.3 and ISO-14644 specifications.

Multi-level Cutting, Scoring & Perforating

While most die cuts are simply provided as a kiss cut part on a liner, often multiple depth cuts in multi-layer construction are required. Tabs for liner removal or perforation/fenestration features for higher MVTR when necessary. Having the multiple depth cuts in a single cut step ensures the tightest relational tolerance performance.

Product Design for Scaled Automation

Even the largest opportunities start as an idea and then move to prototyping, then manual assembly and finally to full scale automation.
AR understands these steps and future proofing the design minimizes rework as a product becomes more successful.

  • Adding features for accurate automated high speed dispensing.
  • Optimizing release liner performance.
  • Consideration of placement accuracy into total part size for best fit.

Island Placement

Island placement ensures the highest possible yield from every layer as well as enabling constructions that could not otherwise be produced. Die cutting material A and die cutting material B, each having interior features that must align is accomplished with island placement.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is the most efficient means of die cutting. With the right equipment and technical staffing, the accuracy can approach that of Class A tooling.

  • Process Width Maximum: 13”
  • Process Width Minimum: N/A
  • Speed: 500 ft/min max
  • 14 process steps, cutting/ laminating, slitting available
  • Accuracy within a die: +/-.1mm
  • Accuracy die to die: +/-.2mm non-cumulative.

Closed Loop Vision

  • Using high resolution cameras to control a process has a place for high Cpk process performance. Sensors are faster but limited. We can not only control parameters critical to quality but also inspect for chads left behind and other defects by pattern matching.
  • Front and back side part measurement often allow 100% measurement of every part, effectively eliminating the status quo of offline sampling.

Multi-layer Laminating

  • AR can laminate thin fragile materials under tightly controlled tension profiles to achieve repeatable performance.
  • The latest in servo motor and drive technology enable us to introduce layers consistently, minimizing opportunities for wrinkling and spot defects to create outstanding finished part metrics.

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