Many industrial applications benefit by utilizing pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) during assembly to bond challenging materials for demanding environments. Adhesives Research offers ARclad® high-performance industrial pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes as a cost-effective alternative to glues, rivets, mechanical fasteners and spot welds.

ARclad® PSA foams, films, foils and transfer adhesives bring added performance advantages to simplify assembly processes, including:

  • Instant bonds
  • Conformability
  • Easy-to-handle & safe
  • No messy clean-up or additional chemicals
  • Uniform thicknesses and bond line
  • Consistent performance under stress & temperature changes
  • Easily die-cut
  • Available with a wide variety of adhesive properties

Industrial markets for ARclad® PSA tape products include:

Our Engineered Tapes Division specializes in the development of specialty industrial PSAs that are tailored for customer-specific applications.