Ultra Low Extractable Release Liners

The transfer of unreacted silicone to an adhesive, particularly inside of hard disc drives, is highly undesirable since this silicone contamination can cause a variety of performance issues in the hard-disk. AR’s Ultra Low Extractable Silicone release liners have proven to be an effective release liner allowing the proper functioning of hard drives, electrical components, and advanced medical products.


  • Contain only trace or undetectable amounts of extractable silicone (< 30 ng/cm2), eliminates silicone contamination.
  • No loss of PSA properties due to silicone contamination.
  • Clean, consistent, stable, easy release against the PSA (l< 50 grams/2”.
  • Eco-friendly thermally cured silicone, with no solvents.
  • Polyester base film offers a dimensionally stable, flat, smooth, surface with excellent die-cut properties.


  • Hard disc drive
  • Flexible circuitry
  • Medical devices
  • Advanced wound care

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