Adhesives Research (AR) develops adhesive and coating platform technologies for the bonding and assembly of components within electronic equipment and devices.

Our pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) enable smaller electronic product designs through thin, reliable bonds with the added benefit of functional capabilities, such as electrically conductive properties, to simplify electronic product designs and manufacturing processes.

The advantages of the PSA’s roll format as an alternative material choice to solder, liquid epoxies and mechanical fasteners include:

  • Ease-of-handling and clean application
  • Precise thickness control
  • A thin, consistent bond line that conforms to irregular surface
  • The capability to be precisely die-cut into custom shapes and narrow widths for improving manufacturing efficiency with mess-free processing.

AR’s high-performance PSA technologies may be tailored to address the global electronics market need for faster prototyping, quick changeovers and the increased use of automation for applications in:

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