Specialty Release Liners

  • The specialty release liners from AR have been designed for sensitive electronic, pharmaceutical, and medical applications.
  • Ultra-Low Extractable Silicone Liners – These liners maintain less than 30 ng/cm2 extractable silicones and are designed for highly sensitive electronic applications where any level of free silicone causes contamination. Our ultra-low extractable liners, W-4010 and W-4013, have consistent easy-medium release force.
  • Low Extractable Silicone Liners – These liners are ideal for applications where virtually ZERO silicone is permitted, when printability or adhesion could potentially be affected. W-4008 exhibits less “loose” silicone and silicone transfer when compared to standard, off-the-shelf products.
  • Fluorosilicone Release – Used as a secondary or lay-in liner, these liners are particularly suited for applications in medical and electronics where clean and consistent removal of silicone-based adhesives or coated material is required.

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