Hydrophilic Tapes

AR’s ® proprietary ARflow hydrophilic adhesive technologies reduce the surface tension of aqueous fluids (water, urine, or blood), allowing for rapid flow from the inlet area to a remote reagent site within diagnostic and microfluidic devices.

AR’s ARflow® hydrophilic technologies are available as pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), heat-seals and coatings.


  • Fast and stable capillary fills.
  • Proven compatibility with biosensors.
  • Non-interfering with test results.
  • Visible clarity for verification of fluid movement.
  • PSA’s and heat seals demonstrate strong bonding to plastics.
  • Coatings bond easily to PSA spacer tapes.
  • Tailorable hydrophilic properties to regulate capillary fill time.
  • Customizable product construction including thickness, choice of substrate and release liner.
  • Clean die-cuts improve manufacturing efficiencies and capillary performance.


  • Assembly of in-vitro diagnostic devices and related membrane-based immunoassays.
  • Spacers to join plastic pieces, form capillary channels and move fluids from an entrance to a detection zone.

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