Optically Clear Adhesives

The diverse portfolio of ARclear® optically clear adhesives from Adhesives Research includes permanent, removable, self-wetting and silicone technologies for the bonding and assembly of flat panel displays, plasma displays, large and small liquid crystal display (LCDs) and touch screens.

Benefits of this technology:

  • Virtually defect-free
  • Non-birefringent
  • Low haze
  • High clarity
  • Facilitates high light transmission


  • Bonding flexible-to-flexible or flexible-to-rigid optical components in flat panel displays, flat screen CRTs and touch screens.
  • Bonding backlight assemblies, polarizers, filters, diffusers, holographic optical elements, A/R surface treatment films and many other light management films in displays.
  • Touch screens use ARclear® optically clear silicone adhesives to reduce flammability in aerospace, medical and other critical applications.
  • Single-coated optical-grade films may be used as base films for optical components, sputter coating or as screen surface protection to resist scratching and harsh chemicals.
Product Information
ARcare® 92524 1 mil, optically clear unsupported transfer adhesive - acrylic PSA designed specifically for polycarbonate
ARclear® 8932EE 1.6 mil, optically clear unsupported silicone transfer adhesive