Higher levels of performance are being achieved with our premium ARclad® brand repulpable splicing tapes.


  • Maintaining splice integrity with superior performance over a wide range of web temperatures (high to low)
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of paper grades while maintaining tack over a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Easy repulping, conforming to TAPPI UM 213 Repulpability Procedure A
  • Available in a larger 72-yard roll size to promote efficiency and minimize waste


  • Zero speed splices
  • Flying splices
  • Manual overlap splices
  • Core starting
  • Roll finishing
  • Roll tabbing
  • Safety splices
  • Butt splices
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Related Products

Product nameAdhesive constructionThickness without linersCarrier  ApplicationsPDF
ARclad® 7051D/F, blue repulpable3.3 mil (83µm)1.3 mil (33µm) 9.5# TissueOverlap splicing, core starting, roll finishing
ARclad® 2911D/F, repulpable4 mil (100µm)TissueOverlap splicing, flying splices and roll finishing
ARclad® 0046S/F, repulpable6 mil (150µm)55# paperRoll finishing, roll tabbing, core starting, butt splicing
ARclad® 1900BS/F, repulpable4.5 mil (112µm)53# paperRereelers, winders, slitters and rewinders

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