Skin-Friendly Adhesives

Adhesives Research (AR) offers a wide range of ARcare® skin-friendly pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) systems for bonding dressings or devices to skin for a variety of medical and pharmaceutical applications.  Available in acrylic, silicone and non-latex formulations, our family of skin-friendly adhesives may be coated onto a wide range of specialty substrates and combined with a tailored release liner to aid in proper application.  We assist with the proper selection of substrate, adhesive and chemically compatible liner system to achieve patient comfort for the specified wear time.

Our family of skin-friendly formulations includes:

Benefits of this technology:

  • Tailorable adhesive properties for prescribed duration of wear times up to 7 days
  • Moisture management to keep skin healthy; high MVTR formulations available
  • Flexible and conformable constructions for patient comfort
  • Biocompatible, non-cytotoxic, non-irritating or sensitizing
  • Low residual volatiles
  • Non-reactive chemistries will not interfere with APIs
  • Tight thickness control in processing
  • Withstand typical ETO and gamma sterilization processes

Medical applications – breathable PSA systems for skin-bonding application such as:

  • IV site dressings
  • General & specialized wound dressings
  • Wearable sensors and therapy systems
  • Dermatological testing
  • Diagnostic monitoring

Pharmaceutical applications – bonding devices to the skin, or to bond a protective covering over a device to skin during wear:

  • Reservoir transdermal drug delivery systems
  • Protective patch overlays
  • Skin-bonded drug delivery devices
  • Microneedle systems
  • Iontophoretic systems
Product Information
ARcare® 8311 60# kraft paper liner, urethane film laminate with high MVTR, skin-friendly adhesive for comfortable wound dressings, overlays, IV fixation and other skin contact applications with 1 mil natural PU carrier.