ARx Oral Thin Films (OTFs)

ARx, LLC custom develops and formulates drug-loaded oral thin film (OTF) polymer coatings designed to erode/dissolve at pre-determined rates when introduced to saliva for absorption in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. OTFs are a beneficial means for administering treatments and improving compliance in pediatric, geriatric, veterinary and compromised patient populations.

Oral thin films can integrate most available forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including micronized, granulated, salt and free-base forms. Both soluble and insoluble drugs have been successfully compounded into solutions and suspensions which can be further processed into a dissolvable film. The intended dose is achieved by determining and precisely controlling the size and thickness of the final film.

Benefits of ARx oral thin film technologies:

Formulation Flexibility:dissolvable films rolls and parts crop Michelle

  • Tailorable film characteristics including dissolution rates, film thickness, material composition and taste-masking
  • Dissolution may be triggered for a specific biological fluid, pH or other condition
  • Multi-layered product constructions available for optimum bio-availability and stability
  • A variety of excipient options for API compatibility and stability
  • Novel dosage format for product line extension
  • Delivery of stable drug compounds and GRAS ingredients through excipient selection and product design

Patient Convenience:

  • Eliminates need for water or utensils to administer and swallow
  • Discrete, easy to transport and administer
  • Comfortable and discrete during dosing
  • Pleasant taste and mouth feel

Drug Delivery Benefits:

  • Systemic drug delivery through absorption in the GI tract
  • Enables small molecule GI delivery
  • Rapid disintegration tailored for fast onset


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