ARx Transdermal Drug-in-Adhesive Systems

ARx, LLC custom develops and manufactures patches for transdermal drug delivery in support of both branded and generic applications. Leveraging over 30 years of transdermal adhesive expertise, excipients are carefully selected to assure patient comfort during wear and to achieve the intended drug delivery profile. Material selection is further complimented by options for chemically-compatible release liners to complete the product construction. Formulation scientists carefully design both single and multi-layered patches for specialized drug delivery up to 7 days.

Benefits of ARx transdermal drug-in-adhesive systems:

Formulation Flexibility:

  • Tailored adhesive formulations in a range of chemistries and product constructions for prescribed wear times up to 7 days
  • Ultra-clean adhesive and excipient selection for non-interference with API
  • Tight thickness control in processing
  • Use of single & multi-layered systems, enhancers and rate controlling membranes targeted drug delivery

Patient Convenience:

  • Discrete, easy to transport and administer
  • Comfortable and discrete during dosing
  • Minimizes number of product applications through extended wear
  • Improved market success through enhanced compliance
  • Selection of biocompatible, non-cytotoxic, non-irritating or sensitizing raw materials

Drug Delivery Benefits:

  • Systemic drug delivery
  • Bypass first metabolism effect
  • Bypass enzymatic degradation
  • Controlled release from several hours to 7 days
  • Immediate cessation to dosing by patch removal


Visit the ARx website: transdermal drug-in-adhesive patches.