Acrylic-Based Adhesives

Adhesives Research’s acrylic-based adhesives are based on acrylic polymers.  Acrylics are ideally suited for prolonged UV exposure and elevated temperatures, while offering solvent resistance and long-term stability.  Acrylic systems can be formulated to have a good balance of tack, peel and shear and can be adjusted for materials with low surface energy.

Product Information
ARclad® 5913 4.5 mil, double-coated, polyester film suggested for bonding metals, plastics, wood, glass and painted surfaces. Ideal for signs and nameplates.
ARclad® 7761 3.5 mil, double-coated, polyester film suggested for assembly of electronic and electrical equipment. Bonds well to engineering plastics and metals.
ARclad® 8314 8 mil, a thick, double-coated acrylic adhesive on a clear polyester film, ideal for rough surfaces where gap filling is required.
ARclad® 8901 8 mil, double-coated, polyester film, excellent adhesion to many low-energy and plastic surfaces. Excellent low temperature shock resistance
ARclad® 93319 2.2 mil, transfer tape, low surface energy transfer tape that provides high adhesion to plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene