Silicone-Based Adhesives

Adhesives Research’s silicone-based adhesive systems combine the flexibility of silicone rubber with the temperature resistance of silicone resin. They offer the widest service temperature range, along with good resistance to a variety of solvents and to thermal/oxidative degradation. AR’s transfer and double coated silicone tapes off superior bonding performance to low surface energy substrates with quick stick and long term strength.

Benefits of ARclad® silicone PSA tapes for bonding to silicone materials:

  • Bonds to silicone without primer or treatment (potentially eliminates the mess of liquids and some mechanical fasteners)
  • Extremely high temperature resistance in short and long term; excellent low temperature bond strength after product is applied at room temperature
  • Excellent resistance to harsh environments (chemically inert)
  • Flexible and conformable for maximum wet out and surface contact which maximizes bond strength
  • Tear resistant liner that is easily die cut


  • Portable heaters
  • Flexible circuits
  • Silicone gaskets
Product Information
ARclad® 8026 1 mil, transfer adhesive
ARclad® 7876 2 mil, transfer adhesive
ARclad® 8458 5.3 mils, double-coated adhesive