Low-Surface Energy Adhesives

ARcare® medical grade, low-surface energy (LSE) pressure-sensitive adhesives bond difficult substrates such as TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) without the need for a secondary curing or treatment steps for increased manufacturing ease and efficiency. LSE adhesives optimize our customers’ manufacturing processes and lower device unit costs.

Benefits of this technology:

  • Repositionable for ease of assembly
  • Tailorable adhesion, including immediate and permanent or removable bonds, for wide array of substrates
  • Can be provided in transfer, single-coated or as a double-coated tape configuration with a skin-friendly adhesive on the opposite side
  • Available in acrylic, hybrid and silicone chemistries
  • Conformable, biocompatible and non-cytotoxic
  • Chemically clean, ultra-low residual volatiles


  • Patch pumps
  • Infusion pumps
  • Diagnostic device bonding
  • General device bonding
Product Information
ARcare® 90106NB 2 mil white PET liner, 2.3 mil, acrylic hybrid medical-grade double-coated, flexible plastic tape for aggressive bonding of rigid plastic diagnostic devices with 1 mil clear PET carrier.
ARseal™ 8026 2 mil clear PET liner, 1.2 mil silicone transfer film adhesive between two polyester release liners designed for use in diagnostic applications with very high and low temperature extremes.
ARseal™ 90697 2 mil clear PET liner, 1.8 mil silicone single-coated polypropylene film tape for use in lid stock applications and bonding in molecular diagnostic devices with 2 mil BOPP carrier.
ARseal™ 90880 2 mil clear PET liner, 1.8 mil, silicone double-coated polypropylene film tape for bonding molecular diagnostic devices with 2 mil BOPP carrier.