Non-Repulpable Tapes

Versatile adhesive technology for Splicing applications

Outstanding performance is achieved with ARclad® brand splicing tapes developed specifically for the advanced processes that present difficult splicing conditions found in coating, laminating, printing, and converting.

These tapes provide superior adhesion to “difficult-to-adhere-to” surfaces such as plastic films, poly coated paper and boards, and other low-energy surfaces.


  • Superior heat resistance to withstand numerous drying and cooling cycles.
  • Outstanding strength to tolerate varying web tensions.
  • Aggressive adhesive can substantially reduce the amount of tape used, as well as time and labor costs.
  • Tapes can eliminate the need for protective clothing and other safety measures, as compared to glue.
  • Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates at high line speeds.

Applications for ARclad® Non-Repulpable Splicing Tapes include:

  • Extrusion coating
  • Lamination coating
  • Flexible packaging
  • Aseptic packaging
  • Silicone coaters
  • Barrier coaters
  • Flexographic printing

We also offer skin-friendly conductive adhesives and tapes for electrical interconnects, grounding and shielding in medical and pharmaceutical applications including:

  • Medical electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Wearable sensors
  • Transdermal/combination drug delivery devices

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